Made in Spare Time

Making Homemade Edible Cookie Dough

Today, I experimented in the kitchen with the sous vide circulator to make edible cookie dough! I have always been a fan of homemade cookie dough, but the fear of consuming raw eggs always held me back. With the sous vide method, I was able to safely pasteurize the eggs and enjoy the cookie dough without any risk.

To start, I set my sous vide machine to 135 degrees and placed the whole eggs in a water bath. I let them sit for 75 minutes, which ensured that the raw eggs were pasteurized and safe to eat. After the time was up, I removed the eggs from the water, gave them a dunk in an ice bath, and then let them come to room temperature again before cracking them open and using them in my homemade chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.

Making the cookie dough was a breeze with the pasteurized eggs. I simply mixed together butter, sugar, vanilla extract, and the pasteurized eggs until the mixture was smooth and creamy. Then, I added in the flour and chocolate chips and mixed everything together until it was well combined.

The end result was a batch of delicious, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies that were safe to eat without any worry of consuming raw eggs. The sous vide method was quick and easy, and I was thrilled to be able to enjoy homemade cookie dough without any risk.

Doing even more research, I think next time I’m going to try and mitigate any risk of illness by also heating up my flour to around 165 to kill off any E coli or salmonella.

For now though, pasteurizing eggs with a sous vide machine was a great experience and I will definitely be doing it again in the future. If you’re a fan of homemade cookie dough but have been hesitant to try it due to the raw eggs, give the sous vide method a try. You’ll be able to enjoy all the deliciousness of cookie dough without any of the risk!