Made in Spare Time

┬á­čôĚProtecting My Camera With Pizzazz

My Ricoh GR III

I’ve really been enjoying my new Ricoh GR III camera for beautiful shots of adventures around town with my wife and capturing peaceful moments at home with our corgi. It’s a great camera that captures incredible sharp images while looking like an inconspicuous point-and-shoot camera that doesn’t attract much attention.

While reading up on the GR III when I was making the decision to buy one, I read that this camera is susceptible to dust getting in the lens and sensor assembly. A big concern of mine was making sure I could keep my camera in pristine condition, so I decided to do some research on the best ways to keep it clean.

I found some lens caps that I could throw on the camera but I felt like they cost way too much for what I was getting. So I set out to make my own with my 3D printer. I designed and printed a custom lens cap that has a nice tight fit and helps to keep my camera clean and free of debris.

My Ricoh GR III with a 3D printed Lens Cap My Ricoh GR III with 3D printed Lens Cap installed

But the plain black 3D printed plastic was just a little too boring for my tastes. So I decided to add a little pizzazz!

My black Ricoh GR III with a black 3D printed Lens Cap that says 'Oh Snap' in white vinyll lettering

I tapped into using my new Cricut with some white vinyl and made a custom design that I think looks pretty sharp. With the help of a nice, chunky font I get to express what I plan on using this camera for the most: Snapshots! And with a little bit of clear coating, this design should last for a long while.

What do you think?