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📝Using GPT-3 to Quickly Write Blog Posts

I would really love to write more on this blog but I often find myself short on free time to be able to do so. I’ve looked at trying to do more short form content to post more regularly but that doesn’t seem to keep readers as engaged. So, I’ve been looking over alternatives and then, completely unrelated, came across the amazing tool that is GPT-3.

GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence platform that can be used to generate text. And not just any text, but text that is incredibly realistic and often indistinguishable from human-written content. So, I thought, why not use this tool to help me write blog posts?

I’m not going to lie, the results have been mixed. Sometimes the generated text is very good and other times, not so much. But, on the whole, I’ve been really impressed with how well it works and how quickly it can help me produce blog posts.

I can feed the program a quick prompt, generate some text, refine that text to better fit the ideas I’m trying to convey, and then rinse and repeat to keep the post going.

It’s not a perfect solution and there are definitely some kinks to work out but, overall, I’m really happy with how this is working out so far. I’m able to produce blog posts much more quickly and easily than before and I think my readers will appreciate the more regular content.

Additionally, I’ve been really having fun generating articles with a tool that makes it feel more like I’m being an editor to a content-creator and merely guiding this writer to achieve the end result that I want.

I find myself writing a sentence or two and then letting GPT-3 continue the thought for me. Then I’ll edit what GPT-3 drafted for me and continue with that. It’s been an interesting way to work and I’m really digging it so far.

If you want to give it a try yourself, you can find more information about GPT-3 here:

They currently are running a Beta of the GPT-3 that is fairly easy to gain access to and allows you to begin interacting with GPT-3 via the “Playground.” I highly recommend giving it a shot and I’m looking forward to creating more fun projects with this amazing tool!

The coolest part about all of this: I actually used GPT-3 to quickly draft this post!